An introduction to Live Betting: useful tips to follow

Live betting is offered by many of the top betting sites. It is also called In-play betting and allows customers to place bets as a sporting event is being played.

Live betting is one of the most popular ways to bet and the excitement and immediacy around the facility provides gamblers with a fantastic experience.

There are many ways to bet live and due to the popularity amongst punters more and more betting sites are offering the service.

Best sports for live betting

In-Play betting can be fast and furious. As the action unfolds the betting sites update their markets and odds. The best sports for live bets are those where the action and outcomes can change quickly. Sports, where two teams are competing head to head, are ideal because there any many variables that can be affected, creating the excitement. Soccer, Tennis, basketball T20 cricket and volleyball are just some of the sports available to bet live and they are all well suited. 

Sport fans will know just how quickly a soccer match can swing one way to another as goals, corners, free kicks, player dismissals and individual performances are being offered betting markets by bookmakers to bet on during the action. 

Understanding the sport

To get the most out of live betting, punters would ideally have a good understanding of their chosen sport and betting markets. Having good knowledge will not only make for a better prediction of the sporting event, drawing on past experiences but also finding where the best value odds are in the in-play markets; that can change rapidly and frequently.

If a betting customer is preparing to bet in-play on a certain even it would be advisable to research the important stats that could match the in-play markets. The overall awareness of the sport can only enhance the live betting experience.

Choosing the right bookmaker

When placing bets, customers will surely want the best experience. For each punter, the experience will mean a different thing. Some will only bet where the odds are most favourable, whilst others want more betting markets. Some punters will want a slick interface and some customers will only consider a bookmaker giving countless offers and promotions. 

In-play betting is offered by many of the best betting sites and the facilities available don’t always live up to expectations. Some bookmakers seem to really go to town with their in-play markets offering live stats, good value odds and an overall fantastic experience. Customers looking to bet live would ideally want as fast an internet connection as possible whilst using a fully updated and functional device; be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The in-play experience will only be enhanced if these factors are considered.

Understand that odds change frequently

Punters should realise that the bookmakers are also a business within their own right and they want to make a profit too. Odds will change frequently during live betting and some will be more appealing than others. 

That's not to say there isn't value and this is where having a good understanding of the sport and event will only assist helping identify where the best markets are in terms of potential returns.

Consider a strategy

Betting strategies and systems have long been used by punters. There are many standard strategies that cover losses however, betting live lends itself perfectly to the age-old system of placing a bet on the favourite if they are losing. The odds will certainly be of more value. 

Another strategy could be to consider the pre-match markets of the event. If the value is there then maybe a bet could be placed to cover any potential loss before placing any in-play bets.

In-play offers

When considering betting live, customers could potentially use in-play offers. Some betting sites will offer free bets and bonuses for choosing to bet in play. Price boosts are becoming the norm amongst the top betting sites with offers available on any profit gained through live betting. Like most free bets offers the initial free stake won't be available in any winnings nevertheless, there are some fantastic promotions available through in-play.

Consider Cashing out

Cashing out a bet allows a punter to recover some or part of the winnings if the sporting event isn’t going as predicted. For example of a bet was placed on a basketball game for one particular team to win, however, the game is nearing the end and the teams are drawing, the betting site may offer a cash-out, which will be a lower amount than the original bet. It is up to the punter to decide if this amount is acceptable to them, or they could leave the bet in place to see if the team finds a winning basket.

In-play data

As previously indicated, many betting sites have some very powerful in-play facilities. These sites are trying their best to make live betting as appealing as possible and understandably they want punters to place bets with them. Some of these facilities have live stats, data and information to help punters with their betting. It is advisable when learning how to make live bets not to solely rely on this information. Any lag in the system could mean they are not entirely accurate. They should just be used as a guide.

Bet responsibly

When understanding how to make live bets and any sort of bet for that matter, it is always sensible to gamble responsibly. Betting within one’s means and not getting carried away with the fast-paced nature of in-play betting is a clever way to make sure any punter gets the best out of the experience. It can be very easy for customers to become frustrated with in-play betting if the sporting event is not being played out as predicted. The number of quick-changing odds and updated markets can be very tempting however this is sport and there are many variables that will affect the final result.

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