Bookmaker Bonuses That You Should Know

To encourage and attract new punters, bookmakers offer a different kind of betting bonuses. These bonuses vary in rates, forms, amounts, and names, depending on the online sportsbook. For you to start benefiting from these bonuses, you are required to sign with an online sportsbook. You should know that the rewards are subject to specific terms and conditions.

Different types of bookmaker bonuses

All companies offer many kinds of gifts, depending on their terms and conditions. The most common rewards that all punters can benefit is the signup and the initial deposit bonus. Before you sign up for a given bet company, you should go through various gifts they offer and review the requirements you must meet to get a reward. Below, we have the highlights of regular promotions and offers that you are likely to encounter from online bookmakers.

The Sign Up Bonuses

Bookies usually offer these bonuses to new players upon opening an account with a given them. Sign up bonus intentions are to attract new customers to sign up with the company. The value of the signup bonus you get depends on the company. The reason why these bonuses do not have equal amounts is since the industry is very competitive. As a new customer, before you open an account in any betting sites, read through terms of bonuses and pick the one with more significant value of the signup bonus.

Initial Deposit Bonus

Most people confuse the initial deposit bonus with the signup rewards and assume they are similar. However, the two gifts do not mean the same. The initial deposit bonus is reflected in your account after you make the first deposit into your betting account. You should note that not all bookmakers offer the signup bonus and initial deposit bonus separately. Some will reward the first money you deposit. For example, if the bookie states that they provide 50% as an initial deposit bonus, it means that if you deposit $100 into your betting account, the account will reflect $150 inclusive of the reward. Sometimes the bookmaker may put conditions oh how you earn that initial deposit. For instance. Receive a 50% initial deposit bonus up to $500. It means you only get a bonus for deposits less than $500.

Free Bets         

Free bets are another attractive option for bettors. Some bookmaking company offers these bonuses to the punters if they meet a given condition. Such chances are so encouraging because you can stake without fear of risking or losing your money. Some bookie dictates how you should use the free bets while others do not influence the bettor’s choice. For example, a company may state that you should stake on combo bet with odd of above 10 with the free bet.

Cash Bonus

Many bookmakers give additional money, and they credit the bonus into wagers' account. The reward may be to encouraging you to deposit some cash into your account. In some cases, the offer may have a validity time frame. For example, you may encounter a pop up on your betting account saying ‘get 30% bonus any time you deposit funds into your account. Offer valid for seven days.’. These bonuses may not benefit everyone, because if you are not active on your account, the offer may expire before you take advantage.

No Deposit Bonus

These types of bonuses offered by bookmakers to bettors are common to new clients who open a new account. These free bet bonuses mean you can bet without having to deposit funds into your account. They are, however, subject restrictions by the bookie, which means you cannot withdraw before you meet the terms. If you are a new bettor, the free bets no deposit bonus can be very beneficial because they allow you to test your skills and strategy before depositing your money. Your betting outcome can help you determine whether you can continue betting on the betting company.

Cash Back Bonuses 

Cash backs are commonly a surprise gesture offered by bookmakers to their loyal wagers for betting more regularly on their website. Some bookie gives the wagers a specific percentage refund for the amount of money they have lost over a given period. Whether you are a new bettor or not, it can be encouraging if you wake up and find part of your lost money refunded into your betting account.

Loyalty Bonus 

Loyalty bonuses are usually intended to retain the bettors. The bookie offers such rewards to motivate and appreciate you for betting with them regularly. They include; odds boost, free bets, no deposit bonus, cash backs and more. Although loyalty rewards depend on company terms and conditions. The more you continue betting with a specific company, the higher the chances of getting the bonuses.


If you have not been active for sometimes, the bookie may offer you some reload bonuses after you make some deposit, usually, reloads are lesser than the deposit amount. Occasionally the bookmakers suggest the minimum amount you can deposit to earn a matching reload.

How You Can Take Advantage of Bookmaker’s Bonus 

Although various bonuses by the bookmakers are up for grab, if you are not keen, you may end up not benefiting from them. For example, if they had a validity period of one week and you did not log in to your betting account during that week, they expire. Also, the bonus may require a certain minimum deposit amount. For instance, if the bookie states you deposit $20 and above get double the deposit amount, and without reading the condition, you credit $10 like three times a day. You end up not benefiting. Follow the below guidelines to rib more from the bookmaking bonuses.

  • Always check the rollover amount. Although a bonus may seem attractive, not every time, it will benefit you. For instance, if for you to get a deposit bonus, the minimum you should deposit in a given bookie is set too high, than you can afford.
  • Be mindful of loyalty programs. You will realize that most punters only concentrate on sign up and initial deposit bonuses. That mentality can make you end up opening accounts with many betting sites, without realizing that there are many bonuses too, which comes with being a regular player on a specific website. With some bookies, you can gain more value for being a loyal punter.
  • Use promo links and codes. Most bookies allow signup using certain links. Referring a friend through a link or code to the companies that offer refer a friend bonus can earn you a referral a bonus.  
  • Have an account with various betting sites. Having many accounts with different bookmakers also can attract free bets from each bookie. As a punter, it will enable you to adopt the bookie which works ideally for you.

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