Common types of bookmaker bets

Sport is an excellent form of relaxation. Irrespective of whether you are playing with friends or watching together on the television. Placing some bets brings more excitement, and the thrill of winning is much better than watching your favorite team win. Apart from bets between friends and acquaintances, bookie betting is common nowadays. Legal bookmakers exist around the globe, and even in areas where betting is not allowed, punters can bet on the internet with the help of online bookmakers. Online betting is more convenient because it will enable you to choose the sports to bet on from the comfort of your home.

Sports betting is more interesting if you are familiar with the various types of bets available. The choice of bet plays a significant role in your betting success. Some bets will make you win big time though very risky, while others have a higher chance of winning. The following are common types of bookmaker bets that are practical and available in most online betting services.

I. Single bet 

A single bet is a kind of wager where a punter places on an individual event. Single bets are believed to be the safest, most basic, and easier to play than any other bet. For instance, you can bet on Brazil beats England in their friendly match and place your stake. Here, most bookies offer three possible outcomes, that is a home win, draw and away win (1, x or 2). If brazil wins, you win, but in case the other two possible outcomes happen, you lose.

II. Double bet

In double bet, you pick two selections only. Double bets require you to predict the possible outcome of two different sports. For example, if you bet on Chelsea and Norwich City to win in the upcoming premier league matches, you will need the two to win against their opponent to land a profit.

III. Treble 

A treble bet is just the same as double bet only that, the punter will be needed to add one extra match or sport to make three picks. Although the additional event lowers the chances of winning, the customer stands to earn a more significant return. Consider the below example of a treble.

  • Juventus 3:2 AS Roma (1)
  • Napoli 2:0 Arsenal (1)
  • Portland Trail Blazers 140:90 Golden State Warriors (1)

From the above three events, we have predicted correctly, and hence, we have won a treble bet, if there were any draw or one of the away team won, we would have lost.

IV. Accumulator 

An accumulator bet commonly known as combo bet is where a bet is placed comprising of two or more events. Double bets and treble bets are also forms of accumulator bet. A bet with four events is called a four-fold, the one with five games is a fivefold, and so on. Although, in most cases, some bookmakers have a maximum of 20 events in one ticket, the number of events accumulated in one ticket depends on the bookmaker. Combo bets can be formed from standard bets such as draw no bet or under/over or win/draw/loss. You should understand that the more the events on a combo bet ticket, the lesser the chances of winning.


  • India 3:3 Kenya (over 2,5 goals)
  • France 2:3 Germany (draw)
  • Leicester city 0:2 Brighton (2)
  • Panama 4:2 USA (1)

In the example above, we have successfully predicted the three events correctly; however, the match between Germany and France is wrong. If we got all the four even right, we could have won.

Multiple-Stake Bets

Multiple- stake bet is the type of bet that includes various bets, and the number bets determine the total stake. For instance, if a kind of wager has three abets in total, and you place a $10 stake, you will be staking $10 stake separately for a total of $30. Only one of the three need to win for you to earn a return. However, if the three wins, your profit is maximum.

V. Patent 

A patent has seven bets which comprise of 3 selections in separate events. A patent bet includes a single chance in each choice, three doubles, and one treble. If one out the seven bets win, you earn a return; however, a minimum of two bets need to win for you to make a profit. For instance, if three selections were X, Y, Z, the seven chances formed would be X, Y, Z, XY, XZ, YZ, and XYZ.

VI. Trixie

Trixie has four bets placed on three selections comprising three doubles and one treble. In Trixie bet, at least two choices need to win to yield a profit. If your options were X, Y, and Z, the four-bet would be XY, XZ, YZ, and XYZ.

VII. Yankee

Yankee comprises 11 bets. Yankee bet is prevalent in horse races, where punters need to pick four different horses and earn a return if at least two horses win. This type of wager consists of 6 doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator.

VIII. Goliath

A goliath bet consists of 247 bets, which are placed on eight selections. The bet includes 28 doubles, 56 five-folds,70 four-folds, 56 trebles, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-fold, 70 four-folds and one accumulator.

IX. Live bets 

Live bets are the most trending form of betting among many sport betting enthusiasts today. The live bet is where punters bet on ongoing events. For this reason, many players have adopted this type of betting, is that it is easier to follow the events live and judge the weak side. Understanding the strong side will help you predict the side that is more probable to win.

X. Lucky 15

In this type of bet, 15 bets comprise of 4 selections in separate events. The bet has six doubles, four trebles, four singles, and one four-fold. A bonus of 20% is added in case all the for selection wins. Lucky 15 works the same way as Yankee though with more singles. The unique thing with lucky 15 is that in case just one selection wins, the odds are trebled.

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